Since 1993
  1. Paragon is a safe, fun and exciting environment for your child's personal development. We have helped hundreds of children over the years to increase their Confidence, Focus, Discipline, Concentration and Respect, all whilst teaching them the skills of Self Defence. Whilst physical skills are of great importance, at Paragon Academy we believe that Martial Arts taught correctly is a great way to help children develop important life skills.
    Paragon Kids
    "In a Martial Arts, fun & games environment"
  2. It's never too late to learn Martial Arts and here at Paragon the personal development of each and every member, from the youngest to the oldest, is of prime importance. With our Freestyle Martial Arts classes you can not only learn kickboxing & Karate, you will also learn about pressure points. We also run boxing classes and additional sparring classes for those members who want to develop their skills and techniques further or have an interest in competing at tournament level.
    Paragon Adults
    "train with the best in our ego-free environment"
  3. Paragon 'Strength & Conditioning' classes are more than just lifting weights. These no-nonsense sessions are great for really shaping and toning the body. You'll work with a strength & conditioning coach and push yourself to achieve many great things with your body and mind. These classes are extremely popular and can be a stand alone class or combined with our Martial Arts program. Call us to find out more..
    Strength & Conditioning
    "Improve your strength whilst toning your body"
  4. At Paragon, Sparring* is introduced to all students of orange belt and above. It is a great way to improve your fighting technique in a controlled and safe environment. This is a great class to attend as it sharpens your technique, improves speed, awareness & distance, and is a good all rounder for performance. This is where many students decide whether they want to go on to compete at 'competition' level or to remain sparring at club level. *This is not compulsory and students do not have to spar.
    Club Sparring
    "learn to be the best you can be in sparring"